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Protein Absorption and Efficiency: Why Does It Matter?

Protein Absorption and Efficiency: Why Does It Matter? 0

So you need to consume more protein, right?  Well, for most people that’s true; however, you may not be getting as much as you think.

Sure you try to eat lean meats, supplement with protein shakes and bars, and even eat high protein vegetables; but is that enough?  Should you eat more?  Less?  Should you eat different proteins at different times?  What is the best type of protein to eat?

Like everything in the fitness industry, how quickly you can absorb different types of proteins and how much of each protein can you really use can be complicated.  For most people dwelling on this information is not necessary; however, for those looking to gain that extra edge and keep calories low while maximizing the amount of protein your body can use, this post is for you.

So you want maximize your protein absorption and usage?  So you want to know when to eat what type of protein and when?  Then read on!

Pushing to Failure; When You Should and When You Shouldn't

Pushing to Failure; When You Should and When You Shouldn't 0

So you have been browsing those muscle and fitness websites or reading their magazines and see that same phrase; go to failure on every set, bro!  So what does that even mean?  Why should you do it?  Most importantly, when should you do it?

In this article we will discuss how the different types of rep ranges elicit different changes to your neuromuscular system, how those changes affect growth, and how mush rest you should take for each.  We will also discuss when you should go to failure and when you shouldn’t to get the most out of each type of training.

So you want to gain strength and size?  You don’t know how hard you need to push yourself?  You’re not sure which is best for you?  Then read on!

HMB: What Is It?  Why Should You Take It?

HMB: What Is It? Why Should You Take It? 0

Bulk now and cut later?  Eat big then starve?  Or perhaps stay lean and build muscle too!

So you’ve been researching and reading about how best to pack on slabs of muscle without packing on fat.  Or maybe you’ve been trying find the secret to stripping away fat without stripping away that muscle you worked hard to gain.  I know the feeling; bulk and cut, eat big then starve, or maybe you’ve simply tried to eat for both and made no progress in either direction.

I get it.  I’ve been there and so have many of my clients, family, and friends.  I read about people all the time with that same struggle and see countless people in the gym who look the same as they did when I first saw them years ago.

So what’s the secret?  The magic pill?  Well, there is none.  However, there is a way to aid you in your journey of fit; HMB.  In this article I’ll explain some basic information about HMB; what it is, when and how to take it, how it helps, and why it’s better than other supplements depending on your goals.

So you want to remain in an anabolic state as much as possible, preserve your hard earned lean muscle while burning fat away?  Then read on!

Nutrition and Your Goals: 101

Nutrition and Your Goals: 101 0

Eat this!  Don’t eat that!  Count your calories!  Get enough protein!  Exercise more!

Are you tired of hearing the same statements just in different ways or from different groups promoting their own “latest and greatest” fitness and nutrition revelation that will melt the fat off, build lean muscle, and/or get you ripped by doing and eating almost the same way you currently do?

I know I have and I bet you have too.  The funny thing is, some of the information they purport to be the greatest thing since sliced bread is true; or at least based on some truth.

In this article I’ll explain some basic information about how calories, protein, carbs, and fat work to help you lose weight and/or building muscle.  Though I promise it won’t happen overnight and I promise it will take work and dedication.  However, if you want to make a change you have to work at it.  I hope you feel your life and lifestyle are worth it.  If not quit reading now!