The modern conveniences of life today, coupled with the increased use of technology, has created a society that has become less active, less mobile, and more reliant on fast food, packaged food, and the computer screen.  Because of this more and more Americans are over weight, out of shape, and in poor health. 

Chronic diseases are on the rise and heart disease and cancers make up the #1 and #2 cause of death of Americans today.  Even people who try to eat healthy fall short because of the lack of nutrition in even your whole foods today due to the need for companies to grow produce quickly and in mass quantities.  In fact the majority of produce grown today has been genetically modified to grow faster or bigger and thus yields less nutrition. 

Additionally, most people shy away from gym settings and attempt fitness at home, again falling short due to lack of motivation and support.  Those who do go to gyms may find themselves giving up due to lack of results from using improper exercises, form, or volume.

There has never been a better time to change your life!  Our Certified Personal Trainers work with your individual needs to design an exercise / training program that works.  No more bodybuilding bro workouts or celebrity routines that only work if you can throw millions of dollars at someone to hold your hand 24-hours a day.  Our training programs are designed around building on a strong base of balance, flexibility, endurance, strength, and power. 

We can design routines based on your needs; gym, hotel fitness center, hotel room, home, or outdoors.  We provide the support and motivation to get you to your goals as quickly as possible.  Our exercise / training design services coupled with our nutrition planning is the perfect combination to get you on your way to a happy, health life!

Give us a call and let us work with you to change your life.  Remember, the planing session is always FREE!



Our Exercise / Training Design services offers you a tailored fitness plan designed to get you in shape, give you more energy, and build you a body that is strong and healthy that you can be proud of.

Our Certified Personal Trainers start by understanding your goals, your constraints, and your specific and unique circumstances in order to design a balanced and holistic training plan tailored specifically to you.  Can you only exercise 3 days a week, 4, 5?  Can you go to the gym twice a week and workout at home one day?  Do you travel a lot and need a plan designed around hotel fitness centers and hotel rooms?  We can design a plan based on the equipment you have available and the time you must exercise in.

We can also design a nutrition plan based on whole foods and supplementation to provide you an even more holistic and balanced approach to your life that works hand-in-hand with your fitness plan at a discounted rate!

Your planning and assessment is ALWAYS free!





Whether you are looking to supplement your nutritional needs, enhance fat loss, build muscle, or simply want to promote your overall health and well being, we can design a nutrition plan that is based on whole foods with supplementation as needed to meet your goals.

We can provide you a nutrition plan, suggested supplements to meet your goals, or simply just provide the best online retail service.

We can also design a fitness plan based on your needs and circumstances to provide you an even more holistic and balanced approach to your life that works hand-in-hand with your nutritional plan at a discounted rate!

We carry most brands of supplements including proteins, pre and post workout products, fat loss enhancers, BCAAs, and more.





Finding the right combination of supplements to meet your goals in the most economical way can be difficult.  With so many brands, types, and combinations on the market today, where do you begin?

At Recomp Fitness and Nutrition we can design the perfect supplement stack based on your goals.  Are you looking for fat loss, bulking, endurance, or general health?  We can design your stack with the right amount and type of supplements for your specific goals and circumstances.  We won't "stack" on more than you need, just the optimal brand and type of supplements that will provide you focus, energy, and more!

Your design is ALWAYS free!